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What Animal Shelters can do to Influence Policy

Guest blog by  Joe Geiger Legitimate animal shelters do a great job when it comes to rescuing and caring for animals. But one of the most effective ways to protect animals is through policy. It is time for people who love … Continue reading

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Justice Finally Comes to Animal Victims – “Costs of Care” is Law

Guest blog by Penny Conly Ellison All you needed to do was visit the shelter and walk the rows of kennels and cages and take a glance at the paperwork on each one.  Each kennel card provides some information about … Continue reading

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Pursuing Your Passion – Cheryl Caldwell’s Story

Humane PA is grateful for the talents and dedication of our volunteers who give so much of themselves to help strengthen the ability of the humane vote to elect humane legislators, who will in turn advocate and support anti-cruelty legislation.  The backbone of Humane … Continue reading

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Tethering – on its Last Thread?

For years, people who care about animals have worked hard, but unsuccessfully to pass anti-tethering legislation in Pennsylvania. Recently, Melissa Smith, Executive Director of the York County SPCA, took matters into her own hands and is now working township by … Continue reading

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