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Giving up? Us…not a chance!

We hope you won’t give up either. We are counting on you to help us put an end to one of the most senseless and cruel practices in Pennsylvania, live pigeon shoots. Join us on Monday January 30th for End Live Pigeon Shoots call-in day when we are asking for you to call your state […]

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Will your candidate score the animal vote?

Humane PA is committed to electing humane candidates. We have already received many requests for endorsements, but before we can endorse any candidate we must determine if they meet our requirements.  We have created an online Humane PA 2012 Candidate Survey . Tuesday January 24th kicks off Pennsylvania’s election season as the first date that candidates […]

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We need you to be their voice…

Become a Humane  PA Coordinator to help us”Give Animals a Voice in Harrisburg.” You are probably reading this because you care about animals and want to do something effective to fight animal cruelty. You are probably reading this because there are so many times you have thought “there ought to be a law” You are […]

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D-I-R-G-H: Does party matter when it comes to electing a humane candidate?

Democrat-Independent-Republican-Green or Humane? Does party matter when it comes to electing a humane candidate? In our Facebook poll this week we asked about your past voting habits and if you would consider crossing party lines to vote for an animal friendly candidate. An overwhelming  76% of responses indicate that yes, you would consider crossing party […]

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