You asked – we answered – here’s the Humane PA Scorecard!

Humane PA Scorecard

We have been asked numerous times “where can I find how my legislator voted on animal bills.” Well, here it is, the Humane PA Scorecard! We have created an easy to read list of how your legislators voted to protect animals.

This is a working list of each animal bill that has been introduced in both the House and Senate this session and how your legislators have voted. A final score will be made at the end of each legislative session. If a bill has not been voted on, we have at least included the Prime Sponsor (PS) and the Co-Sponsors (CS), so you know if your legislator has already made a firm commitment to protect animals and support the legislation. We think you’ll find it easy to tell who are PA’s leading humane legislators.

It is important for every voter in PA to know how their legislator has voted on animal protection bills in order to make informed decisions during elections. Feel free to print and distribute the Humane PA Scorecard in your local party committees and at the polls. Please share this link on your legislators Facebook page, on Twitter, or in an email.

The Humane PA Scorecard will be updated as votes happen and a final score will be given at the end of each legislative session, so make sure your legislators take note that they will be scored on their overall votes. It is time to take the animal vote to a new level and hold our legislators accountable.

Also note that this will be used when considering endorsements for legislators who are running for re-election.

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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