Humane PA’s Endorsed Primary Candidates

Here is our list of Humane PA Endorsed Candidates for the PA Primary election on Tuesday April 24th. You may print this list and take it with you to the polls. *Please note the Primary is a closed election (see below) and we only endorse candidates in contested Primary races. Our full endorsement list will be available for the general election in November.

At Humane PA we take our endorsements very seriously. We had tough choices with many excellent candidates – we weighed previous records as well as their answers.  Greater weight was given to incumbents who have stood with us particularly on tough votes where they had opposition. If there is not an endorsed candidate in your district it means either there is no primary opponent, no one took the survey or they did not rate well. Many factors go into determining our endorsements including the following:

  1.  Humane PA Candidate Survey
  2. for incumbents their Humane PA Scorecard votes on animal bills
  3. in  very close races a follow-up telephone interview

Our survey queried candidates on 4 pieces of pending animal legislation, to Lead, Support or Oppose said legislation, as well as a question about animals in their household. There were some excellent responses and if all of our endorsed candidates win, we should have a very animal friendly legislature. All responses were kept strictly confidential.

If your candidate is not on this list please contact them and let them know animal welfare legislation is important to you, their constituent, and should they win in the Primary and move on to the General Election, you hope they will complete our Humane PA Candidate Survey  to be considered for endorsement in November.

These are changing times and as evidenced by our following in social media – the “animal vote” is growing by leaps and bounds. We had some pretty incredible responses to our survey questions and we are finding that candidates who care about people, care just as much about animals. We will be profiling some of these candidates and sharing their stories in future blogs. We thank all of the candidates who took the time to complete our survey. Good luck to all of our Humane PA Endorsed Candidates!

*PA’s Primary is a ‘closed’ primary, meaning only persons registered for one of the two major political parties, Democrat or Republican, are eligible to vote for candidates running in that party. For example, if you are a registered Democrat you can only vote for candidates running as a Democrat, and if you are registered Republican you can only vote for candidates running as a Republican in the Primary. Essentially you are deciding your party’s candidate for the General Election in the fall.

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Author:Brett Miller

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