Archive | August, 2013

More Bang for the Buck – More Bills for the Animals

Have you ever wondered how Humane PA determines what level of effort to allocate to a particular bill? How does Humane PA determine which bills to concentrate on – after all, aren’t all bills introduced that relate to the humane treatment of animals or cruelty important? We hope that this blog will offer insight regarding […]

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Building the Political Power of the Animal Vote – One Step at a Time

Humane PA has some ambitious goals that we believe are achievable. One of our most important goals is to get every lawmaker in the state to consider the positions of Humane PA and our devoted and passionate supporters before voting on any bill which relates to animals. We will also work diligently to get more animal […]

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The Time to End Cruel Live Pigeon Shoots is Now

There is a recurring theme throughout all corners of the state – the time to end live pigeon shoots is now. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette characterized live pigeon shoots as “ghoulish proceedings” and as “a pastime that mocks the sporting instincts of the many legitimate hunters” in our State. The Times Tribune noted that pigeon shoots are “reminiscent of […]

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