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Humane PA’s Top 10 Political Actions for Animals For Which We Are Thankful

Animal advocates in Pennsylvania who are open to and motivated to learn more about getting politically engaged for animals.  The people on our Facebook page who share every single post (Rose, Charlotte, Cheryl, Laurie, Don Sharon, Kris, Anthony, Doris, Lori, Robin, Lynn, Tami, Linda, Kimberly, Loretta, Don, Karl, Mary, Daily Paws, Elissa, Dogdaddy, Gloria, Maryjo, […]

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Tethering – on its Last Thread?

For years, people who care about animals have worked hard, but unsuccessfully to pass anti-tethering legislation in Pennsylvania. Recently, Melissa Smith, Executive Director of the York County SPCA, took matters into her own hands and is now working township by township to eradicate this atrocious practice.  She graciously agreed to tell us her story in a […]

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Act Globally – Vote Locally

Guest blog by Senator Roy Afflerbach, Ret. Advocates for the compassionate treatment of animals have a very important day on Tuesday, November 3rd. This is the day on which voters will choose their local officials for posts ranging from school directors to judges, for terms ranging from two to ten years. Local government is the epicenter for […]

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