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Keith Mohler – an Unsung Hero

Amy Worden writes the Philly Dawg blog for The Philadelphia Inquirer. With her permission, we are reposting her moving tribute to an unsung hero in the animal community – Keith Mohler. Among the many memories we have of Keith and his outstanding animal protection work, those of us who were there at the very beginning of Humane […]

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Lobbyist…not a four letter word!

Guest editorial by Sarah Speed Lobbying…in a time of government gridlock, it feels like the root of all evil doesn’t it? Imagine slick haired, shiny shoed salesmen stalking the halls of the legislature preying upon good intentions and campaign promises, vying for the biggest yacht, the priciest dinner, and the deepest pockets! The truth is, a lobbyist, […]

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Humane PA’s 2014 Candidate Survey Launched

Humane PA, Pennsylvania’s Political Voice for Animals, is committed to passing stronger anti-cruelty laws in Pennsylvania and the way we approach this important task is to is to make sure that we elect humane leaders.  The Humane PA 2014 Candidate Survey, which helps us determine which candidates will receive Humane PA’s support has just been […]

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