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Talk the Vote!

Blog by Humane PA President, Elissa Katz May 20 is Primary Day, and as important as it is to get out and vote, it is just as important to get out and talk! Primary Day presents a wonderful opportunity to promote the humane treatment of animals as an important issue in public policy, and as […]

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Everything you Need to Make a Difference for Animals on Primary Election Day

Primary Elections – The Place for Power Politics Primary elections can be the most exciting time of year for people who understand how the system works. Because many people choose to ignore primary elections, resulting in only about 1/3 of the voters taking part, a relatively small number of dedicated individuals can have a tremendous […]

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Presenting Humane PA’s 2014 State Primary Endorsements!

Humane PA is pleased to present Humane PA’s 2014 Primary endorsements of candidates for Pennsylvania state offices in the upcoming Primary on May 20th.  In a recent statewide poll, 86 percent of Pennsylvania voters polled support their legislator’s efforts to ensure humane treatment of animals. Our aim is to make sure that Pennsylvania voters who […]

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Vote for your Favorite Gubernatorial Animal Policy

We want to thank the four Democratic contenders in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial race who issued  strong position statements on animal policies! We are asking Pennsylvanians to rate the statements in order to gauge  which position statement our members think is the strongest. The candidates who have posted position statements on animals so far are: Tom Wolf , Rob McCord,  Katie McGinty […]

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