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Engaging animal lovers to get politically involved by tabling at the many neighborhood summer events is a fun and effective way to help build the clout of the animal vote. Every weekend across the state, dozens of outdoor events present an opportunity to broaden the influence of the animal vote. We encourage everyone to get involved and dedicate a day to building the animal vote! Following are tips to get you started:

What is tabling?

Tabling is an enjoyable way to engage members of your community and provide information on the importance of getting politically involved to change laws affecting animals in Pennsylvania. People in your community are naturally easy to talk to, especially when tabling at local animal events.

Why table?

There are many reasons to table. A table staffed by knowledgeable representatives of the animal vote can: educate the public and raise awareness of the importance of animal lovers getting politically involved; gain new Humane PA members; build e-mail alert list, allowing Humane PA to quickly respond when animal bills need help; and build the strength of the animal vote.

Where to table?

Any location where people have the time to stop and look at information makes a great tabling spot. Some effective areas to reach people who care about animals include: dog parks; dog walks; adoption events; pet supply stores; conferences and community festivals.

Tabling tips and what to bring

While you can effectively table alone, it is easier to table with at least one other person. One person can staff the table and help with handing out literature, letter signing, member sign-up, and donations, while the other person, can answer questions and engage people to get involved. Bring a table; tablecloth; chairs; Humane PA flyers; action alerts; sign-up sheets; clipboards, pens, items for donations or give-away such as buttons, bumper stickers, magnets; and donation jar (start it off with a few dollar bills). You may also wish to bring cell phones so people call a legislator right from the event should they be inspired to take immediate action!

Most people are receptive and friendly. Some people will want to ask questions, others may simply take literature. Be friendly and don’t engage in loud debates or argument. An angry conversation will keep interested people away. If someone is especially interested, be sure to ask for contact information, and invite them to an upcoming event.

Tabling is a great way of getting people engaged. It is also a fun way of interacting with your community, and ultimately, getting to know animal lovers in your community, will come in handy when bills need help and will build your value to candidates at election time. So table this summer and help give animals a voice in Harrisburg!

Humane PA Flyer (Please print, share and use for tabling events)

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