About our leadership

Humane PA is led by a dedicated, volunteer team of animal advocates who are deeply, involved in Pennsylvania politics, who believe that to be an effective force for preventing cruelty to animals, we need to impact public policy,  work consistently and pragmatically with legislators and be organized at the ballot box. It’s time for the animal protection movement in Pennsylvania  to get political!

Elissa B. Katz -President, Eastern PA Director

Senator Roy Afflerbach, Ret., Treasurer


Charlotte Bloom Grimme – Western PA Director

Karel Minor – Advisor – Humane Society and shelter issues

    A special thank you to the volunteer coordinators and all the voters  in Pennsylvania who care about animals and get involved!Power in numbers (2)

3 Responses to About our leadership

  1. Carolyn Cavallo says:

    Could someone comment on why me representative for Montgomery county, Mary Jo Daley (D) is not included on Humane PA’s current animal welfare bills/votes list? In all fairness to her, I recently received a letter outlining her support, all favorable. Thank you for your follow-up.

  2. Humane PA says:

    Good catch Carolyn! It looks like she was cut off at the bottom of the page. We will get that fixed. Thanks for paying such close attention.

  3. Kathryn Lawrence. (Faith) says:

    I would like to know why Animal Shelters that are kill shelters get paid for each animal they euthanize .this seems that it would just give more incentive to kill.i would like to understand the reasoning behind this. I also know as an ex humane officer they are very well paid by several townships for there services on yearly contracts.so they are funded not only by loads of donations.they also get most of there pet food for free from several warehouse in the surrounding areas. the animal laws are sad. There are a few great organization ,but granted behind close doors it’s much worse than you think .the power hungry .managers board members and kennel workers are not there for the animals for the most part. I could tell some stories in my 8 yrs of service that would make your hair stand up on the back of your neck. I plan on coming out with these stories to try to change some laws. Yes I was fired at one job for rescuing a small dog abandoned for a week,with no food water or shelter without a warrant .the dog would have died otherwise .I quit the other because I caught a worker abusing puppies several times and my superiors wouldn’t, fire him because he didn’t,t mind euthanizing the animals.he was a real loser with no heart. I,ve lived with these things for a while now in agony and have decided to fight back..I hope to find the support I need. Thanks for listening ,and maybe you can answer my earlier questions. Sincerely. Yours

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