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Each bill will have a brief description and status. For more in depth information about the bill, check the linked fact sheet or linked co-sponsorship memo. It is important to contact your state legislators requesting their support of anti-cruelty legislation in Pennsylvania.  Please also share this link with them so they can bookmark it as a handy reference. Sign up to be alerted when action is needed 

Senate Bills to support:

SB 44: Victoria’s Law, Prohibiting the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores unless sourced from shelters and rescues and require advertisers to include license numbers. Introduced by Senators Killion and Dinniman.  (Fact Sheet).

SB 29: Establishes a 24-hour Lost Dog Hotline and online Lost Dog Registry within the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement in the state Department of Agriculture. Introduced by Senator Michele Brooks and 6 co-sponsors.  (Co-sponsorship Memo).

SB 302:  “Puppy Lemon Law”  Strengthens the Puppy Lemon Law and provides for dog purchaser protection. This bill gives people who purchase sick puppies more time to discover, treat and report their puppy’s condition to the seller to demand a refund or replacement and grants greater consumer protection to people whose families purchase sick or dying puppies so that sellers can be held responsible.  Introduced by Sen. Kim Ward +  6 co- sponsors (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

SB 364: Addresses animal cruelty in a domestic violence situation. Introduced by Senator Andy Dinniman + 14 co-sponsors. (Co-Sponsorship Memo)

SB 551: Protecting Dogs in Extreme Weather Conditions. Introduced by Senator Kim Ward + 12 co-sponsors.  (Co-Sponsorship Memo)

SB 563: Provides financial support to non-profit animal shelters. Introduced by Senator John Blake and 10 co-sponsors. (Co-Sponsorship Memo)

SB 605:  Prohibiting Trafficking in Exotic Wildlife. Introduced by Senator Daylin Leach + 6 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsor Memo)

SB 663: Protecting Pennsylvanians and their Dogs (Dog Law License Fee Increase) Introduced by Senator Judy Schwank+8 co-sponsors.  (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

SB 787: Prohibits the use of live pigeons for target trap shoots and block shoots. Introduced by Senator Browne. (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to JUDICIARY.  (Fact sheet)

SB 986: Clarifying Euthanasia of Use of Firearms on Pets.  Introduced by Senator Lisa Boscola+2 co-sponsors. Status: Referred to AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS.  (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

SB 989: Prohibiting the trapping of bobcats. Introduced by Senator Lisa Boscola. Referred to GAME AND FISHERIES.  (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

SB 1038: Banning the sale, possession, and distribution of shark fins.  Introduced by Senator Daylin Leach.  Status: Referred to JUDICIARY. (Co-sponsorship Memo).

House Bills to support:

Victoria’s Law, Prohibiting the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits in pet stores unless sourced from shelters and rescues and require advertisers to include license numbers. To be introduced by Representatives Ortitay and Readshaw.  (Fact Sheet).

HB 238:  Will allow for research animals to be adopted upon completion of the studies that they were held in.  Introduced by Representative Harry Readshaw = 26 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 521: Will designate “shelter pet” as the official pet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Introduced by Representative Mike Schlossberg  + 16 co-sponsors.  (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 737: Will prohibit the transporting of dogs in an external section of a vehicle, such as a truck bed or the roof of a car. Introduce by Representative Jeanne McNeil and 12 co-sponsors.  (Co-sponsorship memo).

HB 996: This legislation will prevent the transport of elephants, big cats, bears,
primates, kangaroos, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, zebras, tapirs, seals, sea lions and sharks for public performances.  Introduced by Representative Melissa Shusterman + 30 co-sponsors.  (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 822: Providing for County Humane Officers specially trained who have the knowledge and authority to quickly assess the conditions of animals in dangerous situations and immediately act to protect them. Introduced by Representative Scott Conklin = 5 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 1277: Taking the Judiciary Out of the Dog Law Fund – keeping Dog Law funds in Dog Law.  Introduced by Representative Jason Ortitay + 16 co-sponsors. Status: Referred to AGRICULTURE AND RURAL AFFAIRS.  (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 1345: Prohibiting the Practice of Pet Leasing. Introduced by Representatives Maureen Madden and Jeannie McNeil+ 9 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo)

HB 1432: Addressing Pet Custody in Divorce Cases including considering the well-being of a companion animal when determining its custody and care. Introduced by Representative Anita  Kulik + 14 co-sponsors (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 2104:  Extreme Weather Protection for Dogs.  Introduced by Representative Joseph  Hohenstein + 19 co-sponsors.  Status: Referred to Judiciary  (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

HB 2207:  Animal Kidnapping: Introduced by Representative Markosek + 16 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo).

HB 2238: Requiring pet shops to include information posted on the cages of dogs for sale including: age of a dog; breeder licensing number; documentation of a dog’s inoculations, and other medical treatments. Introduced by Representative Ed Neilson +11 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo)

HB 2221:  Protect Pennsylvania’s Wildlife: Revoke or deny the a hunting licenses for those convicted of animal cruelty.  Introduced by Representative Tony DeLuca + 12 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo)

HR 654: A Resolution recognizing February 25, 2020, as “World Spay Day” in Pennsylvania.

Senate Bills to Oppose:

SB 147: Removing Sunday Hunting Prohibition.  Introduced by Senator Laughlin and Brewster with only 2 co-sponsors. Passed Senate Game and Fish Committee – passed into law.  (Fact Sheet)

Bills/Resolutions Passed: 

HR 82: A Resolution recognizing February 26, 2019, as “World Spay Day” in Pennsylvania. Introduced by Representative Mike Schlossberg

You may be the decisive factor in the way your  legislator votes, so please contact your state legislators to ask them to support these bills! You can also send them this link to bookmark for an easy reference tool for them.All

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For information on the outcome of bills affecting animals in the 2017/18 session check:  Bills from 2017/18 in our Archive section.

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