Legislation Affecting Animals 2017/18

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As bills are introduced, they will be added below:

Each bill has a brief description and status. For more in depth information about the bill, check the linked fact sheet or linked co-sponsorship memo. It is important to contact your state legislators requesting their support of anti-cruelty legislation in Pennsylvania.  Please also share this link with them so they can bookmark it as a handy reference. 

For information on the outcome of bills affecting animals in the 2015/16 session check:  Bills from 2015/16 in our Archive section.

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Senate Bills to support:

SB 54: “Puppy Lemon Law”– provides for dog purchaser protection. This bill gives people who purchase sick puppies more time to discover, treat and report their puppy’s condition to the seller to demand a refund or replacement and grants greater consumer protection to people whose families purchase sick or dying puppies so that sellers can be held responsible.  Introduced by Sen. Stewart Greenleaf  + 7 co-sponsors (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Passed CONSUMER PROTECTION AND PROFESSIONAL LICENSURE Committee: Contact your state senator to ask them to support.

SB 69:  “Cordelia’s Law” – (Fact Sheet) adds protection for horses, additional protections for cruelty to service dogs and provides for development  of guidelines for humane society police officer advisory board. Introduced by Senator John Eichelberger + 11 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo).   All

SB 248: A Ban on Traveling Animal Exhibitions. Introduced by Senator Daylin Leach. (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to JUDICIARY Committee.

SB 176: Child and Animal Abuse Cross Reporting – this bill will provide for more cross reporting of suspected cruelty to animals and suspected child abuse. Introduced by Senator Guy Reschenthaler + 15 co-sponsors (Co-sponsorship memo)  Referred to JUDICIARY.

SB 230: Animal Cruelty Penalty Increase for Cats and Dogs. Introduced by Sen. Lisa Boscola +12 co-sponsors (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to JUDICIARY.

SB 248: A Ban on Traveling Animal Exhibitions. Introduced by Senator Daylin Leach. (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to JUDICIARY Committee.

SB 298:  Senator Alloway’s Libre’s Law: increases the penalties for the most heinous of animal abuse. Senator Alloway + 27 co-sponsors. (Co-Sponsorship Memo)  Status: Passed Senate Judiciary Committee.

SB 292Anti-Canned hunt bill.  Introduced by Senator Daylin Leach. (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to SENATE GAME AND FISHERIES

SB 469: Animal Shelter Tax Credit. Introduced by Senator John Blake + 10 co-sponsors. Referred to FINANCE

SB480: Pet Cruelty in Domestic Violence Situations. Introduced by Senator Andy Dinniman + 10 co-sponsors. (Co-Sponsorship Memo)  Status: Referred to JUDICIARY.

SR 35Animal abuse prevention task force. Introduced by Senators John Rafferty and Richard Alloway (Co-Sponsorship Memo).  Status: Referred to JUDICIARY.

House Bills to support:

HB 13:  This bill requires that after an animal abuser is convicted, the victims of that abuse will be forfeited to an animal shelter,  furthers horse protection, creates an offense of aggravated cruelty to animals, addresses tethering/inclement weather. More info: HB 13 Factsheet. Introduced by Rep. Ryan Bizzarro. (Co-Sponsorship Memo). ACTION NEEDED: Contact your PA Representative to ask them to “Support HB 13.” 

HB 246: Increases penalties for individuals convicted of animal cruelty. Introduced by Re. Sainato (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to JUDICIARY

HB248: Prohibiting the import, sale, purchase, and barter of ivory or rhinoceros horn. Introduced by Representative Madeleine Dean and Rep. Tarah Toohil + 24 co-sponsors (Co-sponsorship Memo). Status: referred to JUDICIARY

HB 308: Angel’s Law increased penalties for violations of the animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania. Introduced by Rep. Dom Costa +27 co-sponsors (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

HB 268: Veterinarian Immunity Bill – provides civil liability to Veterinarians, Veterinarian technicians, and Veterinary assistants when they report suspected animal cruelty in good faith. Introduced by Representative Mark Keller + 36 co-sponsors. (Co-sponsorship Memo) Status: Passed the House – referred to Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB 274Allowing judges to include pets in Protection from Abuse orders. Introduced by Rep. Marsico. (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Status: Referred to JUDICIARY.

HB323: Prohibits tethering a dog outside between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., in extreme weather; and limits the type of tether which may be used. Introduced by Representative Ed Neilson  + 14 co-sponsors. (Co-Sponsorship Memo) Status: Referred to House Judiciary Committee.

HB 493An Act designating the “shelter pet” as the official pet of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Introduced by Rep. Schlossberg. (Co-Sponsorship Memo) Status: Referred to STATE GOVERNMENT.

HB 853Legislation increasing penalties associated with animal cruelty offenses. Introduced by Rep. Greiner. (Co-Sponsorship Memo) Status: Referred to JUDICIARY.

HB 1197:  Adding animal fighting to the list of offenses that are enforceable under the state’s racketeering provisions. Introduced by Rep. Dom Costa (Co-Sponsorship Memo).

Bills/Resolutions Passed: 

HR 9: a Resolution recognizing February 2017 as “National Spay and Neuter Awareness Month”  and February 28,  as “World Spay Day” in Pennsylvania. Introduced by Rep. Donna Bullock + 24 co-sponsors

HR 54: Resolution Designating February 24, 2015, as “Spay Day” in Pennsylvania – introduced by Representative Mike Schlossberg (Co-Sponsorship Memo). Passed.

You may be the decisive factor in the way your  legislator votes, so please contact your state legislators to ask them to support these bills! You can also send them this link to bookmark for an easy reference tool for them.

Check out How a Bill Becomes Law in Pennsylvania!

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