Animal Protection Caucus

Celebrating our animals and working together to give them a legislative voice. The Animal Protection Caucus is a bipartisan collaboration of House and Senatemembers determined to increase the amount and ...

Presenting Humane PA 2020 Endorsements

Humane PA, Pennsylvania's Political Voice for Animals, releases its 2020 General Election Endorsements.


Learn about why state elections are so important for passing stronger animal protection laws.


The Political Mainstreaming of Animal Welfare

Personal stories like Michele's are inspiring to us as we continue to ...

Public Service Announcement: A Law to Keep Unwanted Hunters Off your Property!

The controversial bill that opened three Sundays to hunting in Pennsylvania also ...

Let’s Move Victoria’s Law!

SB 44 – Victorias Law –  has strong bipartisan support in the ...

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Why All Pennsylvanians Should Support a Fee Increase for Dog Licenses

Guest Blog By Michele Patterson The Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement (BDLE) is a critically important government agency, responsible for the vital function of protecting the health and safety of Pennsylvanians and their dogs – and it is underfunded to the point where it cannot properly perform its duties. You might think that if you […]

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How to Help Elect Animal Friendly Candidates

Help give animals a vote and voice in Harrisburg by volunteering and helping to elect candidates who stand against animal cruelty.

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Presenting Humane PA’s 2020 State Primary Recommendations!

Humane PA is pleased to present its recommendations for Pennsylvania state offices in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, June 2: Humane PA 2020 Recommendations In a statewide poll, 86 percent of Pennsylvania voters polled support their legislators’ efforts to ensure the humane treatment of animals. Our aim is to make sure that Pennsylvania voters […]

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Resources for Animals During Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

As Pennsylvania responds to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, there has been understandable focus on the serious impact on the human population. However, there are animal issues surfacing that affect us all. Humane PA has a large membership of Pennsylvania animal lovers and affiliated groups across the state, so we want to help provide information as […]

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