Resources for Animals During Coronavirus in Pennsylvania

As Pennsylvania responds to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, there has been understandable focus on the serious impact on the human population. However, there are animal issues surfacing that affect us ...

Public Service Announcement: A New Law to Keep Unwanted Hunters Off your Property!

The controversial bill that opened three Sundays to hunting in Pennsylvania also spurred a bill to give concerned landowners protection from hunters trespassing on their lands. With little fanfare, Act ...

Let’s Move Victoria’s Law!

SB 44 – Victorias Law –  has strong bipartisan support in the Pennsylvania legislature. While Victoria, the sweet German Shepherd subjected to 10 years of puppy mill breeding and finally ...


Triumphs, Tribulations and Tethering

With the onset of The Polar Vortex and plummeting temperatures, social media ...

An Open Letter to PA’s Animal Lovers About the Election

Congratulations Pennsylvania animal lovers! Your vote and your efforts made a real ...

Youth and Animals Have a Political Voice in PA

Guest Blog by Kira Golub I am seventeen years old and have ...

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Fines Should Be Dedicated to Dogs – Not Judicial Computers

By Amy Worden Every day, Pennsylvania dog wardens head into courtrooms across the state to enforce the Commonwealth’s Dog Law. They appear before magisterial district judges to argue cases involving the many dogs who are kept in unsafe and inhumane kennels and to ensure kennel operators who are found guilty are punished. While the fines […]

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Heroic Pigeons

By Elissa Katz, President, Humane PA PAC During World War I, a pigeon named Cher Ami flew for the US Army Signal Corp in France, and served on the front lines for many months. She is credited with single-handedly saving the lives of over 200 American soldiers by flying 25 miles and through a sky of […]

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The Battle to end PA Puppy Mills – Marking the 10 Year Anniversary of Act 119.

Guest Blog by Amy Worden In July 2008, two Berks County kennel owners were ordered by state dog wardens to treat their infested dogs for fleas. Instead the breeders took their shotguns and opened fire on their dogs as they cowered in their rabbit hutches. In the end, the bodies of more than 80 small […]

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We Can– and Must – Elect a More Humane PA

The midterm election is important for so many varied reasons, but for all of us at Humane PA, and for all of you who care about the humane treatment of animals, the midterm election is our opportunity to change the political landscape for animals in our state.  It is our opportunity to elect into office […]

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