Hey NRA – Keep Your Paws Off Animal Laws!

The NRA is front and center in the news these days.  Since Humane PA PAC is a single issue organization – an organization founded on and guided by the commitment to ...

2017 – the Year of Libre Inspired Advances for Animals

2017 was a banner year for Pennsylvania’s animals – and for Pennsylvania’s community of dedicated animal advocates!  As we welcome in the New Year, please take time to congratulate yourselves on a job ...

Let’s End Live Pigeon Shoots – Now!

  I will never give up on passing a straight-forward bill to end live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.  My resolve to do so is unwavering due in large part to a ...


What Was the Missing Piece in Animal Protection?

By Elissa Katz, President, Humane PA PAC Animal protection is like a jigsaw ...

One Issue Can Bring America Together!

Eliminating cruelty to animals is a political issue – but not a ...

Can You Spare Two Minutes?

Blog by Humane PA President, Elissa Katz I care deeply about the ...

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Local Elections and Animal Cruelty

Guest blog by Karel Minor While it seems like the focus in the effort to combat animal cruelty would be at the State legislative level, local elections give animal advocates a chance to make a difference in this off year election. On Tuesday, November 7, Pennsylvanians can cast votes for offices which can have a […]

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The Building Blocks of Passing an Anti-Cruelty Bill

By Elissa Katz, President, Humane PA PAC A house doesn’t get built overnight – and neither does a law! Passing an animal protection bill is often a very slow process – certainly slower than many of us who care about animals would like. Similar to building a house, it requires a solid foundation which can support […]

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Those of us who have been working for years to pass anti-cruelty legislation remember the frustrating years when legislators avoided issues relating to cruelty to animals and viewed folks who cared about these issues as a fringe group, outside of mainstream thinking and priorities. Well, those days are gone – thanks to all of you who […]

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Are You an Action Hero For Animals?

Here’s some great news: many anti-cruelty bills are pending in the Pennsylvania legislature right now, and many more are being circulated with co-sponsorship memos. There is a real potential to positively impact on the lives of animals through public policy – just one anti-cruelty bill can spare scores of animals from suffering. But in order […]

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