Help Make March Lucky for PA’s Animals

Guest blog by Freddi Whitall

Hello, fellow animal lovers of Pennsylvania!

March could be a lucky month for pets in our state! In a significant attempt to impede the puppy mill industry, animal advocates have been working diligently on gathering co-sponsors for a Predatory Financing Bill (HB 2311). Sponsored by Rep. Tracy Pennycuick, this bill will stop the predatory and deceptive financing of pet dogs and cats in Pennsylvania. Many pet stores and online sellers offer puppy mill puppies for thousands of dollars along with promises of low interest loans. However, they then turn customers over to a third-party lending company, where they often and unknowingly end up with incredibly high interest rates. Many who sign up for this financing find themselves with interest rates and fees that cost significantly more than the original price of the puppy.  Representative Pennycuick wrote in her legislative memorandum: “One Monroeville pet store customer told the Better Business Bureau that she unknowingly signed up for financing with a 151% interest rate and will end up paying $6,055.40 for a $1,888.31 puppy.” Another victim who reportedly financed a puppy with Easy Pay Finance from a Petland store, took out a $2,444 loan believing it would be paid off in two years. Now with their 151.99% interest rate, they have done the math to calculate they will be paying this puppy off for 52 years. These financing offers are done in a manner that makes it feel convenient to the purchaser, a loan approved in minutes and a cute puppy within the hour, but the rush of the process is part of the trap. By rushing the paperwork or the customer, it makes it easier to not disclose the interest rates and fees. 

Puppy financing is bad for both animals and people, and financing is not the right way to acquire a family member. It also fuels the impulse buying of dogs and cats. Purchasing a puppy using a financing plan is a gamble when the puppy is sourced from non-reputable sources and may end up with ghastly veterinary charges, especially since limited financial resources is the reason people finance puppies in the first place. That’s why shelters, rescues and responsible breeders don’t offer financing. Please ask your state Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor to the Predatory Financing of Dogs and Cats bill to help protect Pennsylvanians from predatory lenders! With over 20 pet stores in Pennsylvania and many online brokers serving the state offering financing through third party lenders, it is clear this is a widespread and problematic issue. 

The bill to stop predatory financing of dogs and cats might just be a pot of gold for pets and the people who care about them! We need YOUR help to do so! Please contact your state legislators to urge their support of HB 2311. Find Your Legislators here. Be the lucky charm for these animals and help end a crucial part of this industry! 

Thank you in advance for being a voice for the voiceless. 

May your clovers have leaves of four and your luck last “furever”more.

Freddi Whitall is a senior at Millersville University studying Sociology/Criminology and minoring in biology. This picture is Freddi with her rescue bunny Caramel, who is turning 9 this year and has been with Freddi her whole college career. 

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