UPDATED – Primary Endorsed Candidate List 2012

Here is a printable copy of our Humane PA Endorsed Candidates  list to take with you to the polls.

* A “Write-in” vote is the purest form of democracy we have.  You can, on any given candidate, write-in a nomination in every single election.  You have a choice, and I am humbly asking for your choice in writing in MATT MILES as your candidate for the primary election this April. I will need 300 write-in votes to make the Fall ballot.
Northampton County:
Step 1: Press the Write-In Square for Representative to the General Assembly 183rd.
Step 2: The arrow will flash. You are now ready to cast your write-in vote.
Step 3: Using the write-in keypad below the ballot, Type in MATT MILES. You should see the letters appear in the window to the left of the keypad.
Step 4: If you make an error on a write-in, press the left arrow key to move back. To make a space, press the right arrow key.
Step 5: When you are finished keying the name, press Enter on the write-in keypad.
The arrow should stop flashing when you press Enter. This means your vote has been submitted.
Lehigh County:
Step 1:  Touch the check box beside Write-In
Step 2:  A touch keyboard appears on the screen
Step 3:  Type in MATT MILES
Step 4:  Touch the Record Write-In button to record this candidate:
Some notes about the write-in process:
You are allowed by law to have anyone whom you choose to assist you in casting your vote. This includes a poll worker.
Please, do not be afraid to ask for help. It is your right to!
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