A message from Humane PA President, Elissa Katz:

Edmund Burke advised: “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.” I acknowledge that there are times I have been guilty of this mistake. There are times I am overwhelmed to the point of paralysis. There is so much cruelty in our world and every day we are bombarded by horrific scenes in every medium – social media, the news, breaking reports – there is no escape. It has been at times, difficult to believe that I can make a difference in the face of such pervasive cruelty and mistreatment of animals. I also know, deep in my core, that when we succumb to a feeling of powerlessness, of doing nothing because what we could do seems so little, evil wins and those who depend on us to be their buoy in the storm suffer. That is why I pledge that 2023 will be a year of action for animals – and hope that you will commit to join me.

We may each only be able to “do a little”, but my little acts, together with your little acts, combine to create a powerful force that can make a meaningful and positive change for animals. In Pennsylvania, a new General Assembly will convene, and that means there is great opportunity to achieve better laws for animals, laws that will end cruel practices and laws that will improve lives. But that will not happen without me, and it won’t happen without you. For Pennsylvania’s animals to have the protections they deserve it will take all of us who care about them to do a little, a lot of the time. Here are some of the actions I pledge to take in 2023:

  1. I will contact my state senator and representative to let them know that animal issues are important to me and that I want them to support all anti-cruelty bills this legislative session. My legislators were both endorsed by Humane PA, and I will remind them that it was that endorsement that influenced me to vote for them.
  2. I will stay active on social media and follow the Humane PA Facebook page closely so that I know when pro-animal bills have been introduced – and then I will contact my legislators to ask for their support of these bills, as well as sharing alerts.
  3. I will invite my friends to sign up for Humane PA e-mail alerts, so we don’t miss important legislative updates when help is needed.
  4. I will take whatever action is requested in the action alert and then ask my friends (including Facebook friends) to do the same.
  5. I will reach out to more people to help grow the influence of Humane PA – our state’s animals get better laws and benefit when those of us who care about them speak with a strong, united voice and when we have a strong, united political presence.

Each one of these actions takes only a couple of minutes; each is what I would characterize as doing “only a little.” But when we each “do only a little,” as clichéd as it may sound, we accomplish a lot! I pledge that in 2023 I will not make the mistake of doing nothing because I may only be able to do a little and ask you to join me. Together, our little acts can cause positive changes for Pennsylvania’s animals.

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