2017 Municipal/Judicial Endorsement

stedman endorseHumane PA is proud to endorse Craig Stedman for Superior Court! Don’t forget to vote on November 7th!

Superior Court Judicial Candidate, Craig Stedman, deserves an exception from Humane PA’s long-standing policy of not endorsing in Municipal or Judicial elections.  The extraordinary efforts that he made as a District Attorney to prosecute cruelty charges in the case of Libre and his  advocacy  in passing Act 10, were unparalleled in any effort that Humane PA has seen a district attorney take.  He participated every step of the way including shaping the bill, training, working with law enforcement, advocates and legislators. His involvement and endorsement were key.

We need to be vigilant to make sure that Act 10 and other anti-cruelty laws are properly applied and interpreted – and the best way to do that is to elect a  seasoned prosecutor who understands these laws. We need to elect Craig Stedman to Superior Court.

Note: Humane PA PAC does not normally endorse in Municipal or Judicial elections because there are over 1600 municipalities in Pennsylvania, and as an all-volunteer organization we do not have the capacity to fairly screen this volume of candidates and our focus is on building a humane general assembly.

Read more about DA Stedman’s involvement in Libre’s case:

DA Announces Sweeping Changes in Animal Cruelty Enforcement; Charges Filed in Libre Case


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