Keeping Animals out of the Hands of Animal Abusers

hb869.pngHB 869, only has one step to go before heading to the Governor to be signed into law! Introduced by Representative Ryan Bizzarro, HB 869 would require that after an animal abuser is  convicted of animal abuse with a first- or second-degree misdemeanor, or a felony, would be required to forfeit their animals to shelters or other organizations dedicated to preventing animal cruelty. In several recent cases, judges have chosen to award animals back to their abusers after conviction.    Anyone convicted of abusing an animal should not be afforded the opportunity to resume the abuse; especially not after the shelter caring for the animal has invested countless charitable contributions into rehabilitating the physical and emotional damage inflicted by the abuser.   Status: Unanimously passed the Pennsylvania House. Please ask your State Senator to support this bill.

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