2016 Primary Endorsements

Only competitive primaries are listed. Competitive primaries with no endorsement are listed as “No recommendation.”   2endorse 2016.png


Adams County:
House District 91 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.
No other competitive primaries.

Allegheny County:
House District 19 – Jake Wheatley
House District 20 – Adam Ravenstahl
House District 24 – Ed Gainey
House District 46 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.

Armstrong County:
No competitive primaries.

Beaver County:
House District 10 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.
House District 15 – Democratic Primary – Michael Rossi

Bedford County: 
No competitive primaries.

Berks County:
House District 127 – Tom Caltagirone
No other competitive primaries.

Blair County:
House District 79 – No recommendation.

Bradford County:
No competitive primaries.

Bucks County:
No competitive primaries.

Butler County:
House District 12 – Gordon Marburger

Cambria County:
Senate District 35 – John Wozniak
House District 72 – Frank Burns

Centre County:
No competitive primary.

Chester County: 
No competitive primary.

Columbia County:
House District 107 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.

Crawford County:
House 65 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.
House 6 – No recommendation.

Cumberland County:
Senate District 31 – Mike Regan
House District 87 – No recommendation.

Dauphin County:
Senate District 15 – Democrat – Rob Teplitz
Republican – No recommendation – surveys not returned.
House District 103 – Patty Kim
House District 106 – No recommendation.
House District 104 – No competitive primary.

Delaware County:
Senate District 9: Thomas Killion -NOTE – special election for a vacant senate seat.
No competitive house primary.

Erie County:
House District 6 – No recommendation.
House District 2 – Republican – Patrick Fuller
Democrat – No competitive primary.
No other competitive primary.

Fayette County:
House District 49 – Democrat: Brendan Garay
Republican – No Recommendation.
House District 50 – No competitive primary.
House District 52 – No recommendation – survey not returned.

Franklin County: 
No competitive primaries.

Fulton County:
No competitive primaries.

Greene County:
No competitive primary.

Huntington County:
House District 81 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.

Indiana County:
No competitive primary.

Jefferson County
No competitive primaries.

Juniata County
No competitive primary.

Lackawanna County:
House District 112 – No recommendation -surveys not returned.
No other competitive primaries.

Lancaster County:
Senate 13 – No recommendation.
House 37 – No recommendation.
No other competitive primaries.

Lawrence County:
House District 10 No recommendation.

Lebanon County:
House District 101 – No recommendation – surveys not returned.
House District 102 – Russ Diamond

Lehigh County:
House District 22 – Peter Schweyer
House District 131 – Justin Simmons
HD 183 – No recommendation.

Luzerne County:
No competitive primaries.

Mercer County:
No competitive primaries.

Monroe County
House District 115  – No recommendation – both Democrats are stellar candidates (Andre Reames,  Maureen Madden).
No other competitive primaries

Montgomery County:
House District 131 – Justin Simmons
House District 194 – Pam DeLissio
House District 150-  No recommendation – both Democrats are stellar candidates ( Linda Weaver, Steven Burda).

Northampton County:
House District 131 – Justin Simmons
House District 183 – No Republican recommendation – surveys not returned.
No competitive Democratic primary.

No competitive primary.

Philadelphia County:
Senate District 1 – Larry Farnese
Senate district 3 – No recommendation – survey not returned.
Senate District 5-  John Sabatina and Kevin Boyle both have perfect voting records. Kevin Boyle is running for both the House and Senate.
House District 170 – No recommendation – both Democrats are stellar candidates  (Francis Nelms, Matthew Darragh)
House District 175 – Mike O’Brien
House District 181 – W. Curtis Thomas
House District  182 – Brian Sims
House District 190 –  Vanessa Lowery-Brown
House District 194  – Pamela DeLissio
House District 195 – Donna Bullock
House District 200 – Tonyelle Cook-Artis.
No competitive Republican primary.  
House District 202 – Mark Cohen

Somerset County
No competitive primaries.

Susquehanna County:
House District 111- Alan Hall

Washington County:
House District 46 – No recommendation – survey not returned.
House District 48 – Brandon Neuman
House District 49  – Brendan Garay
House District 15  – Micheal Rossi

Westmoreland County:
House District 58 – Democratic primary – Mary Popovich
No Republican Primary

York County:                                         
House District 92 – Dawn Keefer
Senate District 31 –  Mike Regan


Recommendation: Candidate has either a strong voting record, history of leadership or strong survey and commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

No recommendation : Candidates either did not fill out the survey or are equally rated based on the information we have at this time. Viability is also taken into consideration.

Criteria: Voting record, incumbency, history of leadership, improved record, survey results, viability.  For more details about Humane PA’s methodology  – check:  Announcing Humane PA’s 2016 Endorsements.  


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