Animals Are Purple!

Guest Blog by K.C. Wenger

In 2017, events surrounding the unfathomable neglect suffered by one little dog from Central Pennsylvania ignited a groundswell of outrage against animal cruelty. The story of Libre united the voices and actions of compassionate humans from around the world, across the country and most importantly from across the state of Pennsylvania unlike any advocacy momentum seen in decades. Constituents from diverse backgrounds, religions and political parties came together as one voice for the common good of changing the quality of life for the animals of the Commonwealth.

Through united grassroots advocacy, social media, events, press relations, lobbying and cooperative relentless pressure on legislators from both sides of the aisle, the movement succeeded in the passing of HB1238/Act 10/Libre’s Law, a historic, comprehensive overhaul of Pennsylvania’s anti-cruelty statutes and the rolling of numerous sought after and much needed anti-cruelty and protection bills into one single law.

That united effort established a confident base of animal advocates with a strong, influential voice in public policy which led to continued bi-partisan cooperation on legislation protecting the animals of the commonwealth. Animal advocacy embraced purple as a symbol of the movement and a non-partisan commitment to do what’s right for the animals regardless of party politics.

Much has happened in our world since 2017. So many factors including a pandemic, political conflict, the economy, and the pervasive human stress caused by so much volatility has created widespread and unfortunate divisiveness. What didn’t change is the need for compassionate, strong, involved animal advocates to continue to be a united, non-divisive voice for the animals of Pennsylvania. Recently, political commentaries on important pending animal legislation and related events have shown that divisiveness can carry into places it doesn’t belong.

It is incumbent upon the animal advocates across the state of Pennsylvania to continue to embrace and encourage the solidarity of non-partisan animal advocacy and temporarily put aside our personal and political views when supporting matters relating to the welfare of animals to assure the continued advancement of bipartisan legislation benefitting the voiceless, the animals of our state.

The animal party isn’t red or blue. It’s purple and they need us to be united for them as we have done before.



K.C. Wenger is Pennsylvania based international PR professional, staunch animal advocate and one of the founders of Justice for Libre Animal Advocacy Action Group, responsible for the unprecedented uniting of animal advocates across the state resulting in the historic change of laws protecting animals in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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2 Comments on “Animals Are Purple!”

  1. U
    April 27, 2023 at 5:05 am #

    Thank you .. we’ll never give up

  2. Kelli R Nachbar
    April 28, 2023 at 9:06 pm #

    I remember the news story about Libre. There has always been a sense of something being left out of the news coverage, the resignation of someone in the humane field here as a result etc. Even this blog seems generalized and doesn’t tell exactly what happened or what the issue was regarding this poor dog. Is there somewhere that his story is told in detail? I have always wondered. I’m in Lancaster county where it happened.

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