2018 Primary Endorsements

Endorse 18 PrimaryThe Primary Election will take place Tuesday, May 15. A primary election is used to narrow the field of candidates and it sets the stage for the general election on November 6th.

Humane PA only issues recommendations in contested races (meaning that more than one candidate per party is running in the primary).  

Humane PA members want to know who to vote for, so we give candidates in contested races the  opportunity for endorsement in the primary, but this does not guarantee an endorsement in the general election.  General election endorsements will be posted in the fall. 

NOTE: Only districts with more than one candidate per party (competitive primaries) are listed below. Competitive primary races with no endorsement are listed as “No recommendation” (please see “Methodology” below for clarification); and in the case of two candidates with no record, but perfect surveys, there may be a double recommendation. There are also 3 Special Elections on May 15th.

Please click here to find your state legislative district. 

Please click here to learn more about Humane PA’s methodology for endorsing political candidates.

Winning candidates are marked with a 🐾


4th Senatorial:  Democrat: 🐾Art Haywood 🐾

26th Senatorial:  Democrats: 🐾Tim Kearney🐾 &   Tanner Rouse; Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted excellent surveys.

28th Senatorial: Republican: 🐾Kristen Phillips-Hill🐾
Democrat: Shawn Mauk & 🐾Judith Higgins🐾: Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted excellent surveys.

30th Senatorial: Republican: Dan Kiss

38th Senatorial: Republican: Randy Vulakovich 
                                Democrats: Stephanie Walsh and 🐾Lindsey  Williams🐾: Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted outstanding surveys.


2nd House: Democrat: Jay Breneman  and🐾Bob Merski🐾; Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted excellent surveys.

12th House: Democrat: 🐾Dan Smith🐾

19th House: Democrat: 🐾Jake Wheatley🐾

20th House: Democrat: 🐾Adam Ravensthal🐾

21st House: Democrat: Dom Costa 

24th House: Democrat: 🐾Ed Gainey🐾 

30th House: Democrat: Jacob Pavelcic and 🐾Betsy Monroe🐾:  Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted outstanding surveys.

32nd House: Democrat: 🐾Tony DeLuca🐾

34th House: Democrat:  Paul Costa

40th House: Democrat: Ed Eichenlaub  
                      Republican: James Roman

44th House: Republican: Bob Doddato

46th House: Democrat: 🐾Byron Timmins🐾 and Rueben Brock both returned excellent surveys)

48th House: SPECIAL ELECTION – no recommendation

49th House: Democratic: 🐾Steve Toprani🐾

53rd House:  Democratic: Leon Angelichio

54th House: Democratic: Robert Bertha 
                        Republican: Bryan Kline

62nd House: Democratic: 🐾Logan Dellafiora🐾

68th House: SPECIAL ELECTION: No recommendation

71st House:  Republican: Matt Sernell

74th House:  No recommendation

79th House: Republican: 🐾Lou Schmitt🐾

82th House: Nicole Sherlock-King

91st House:  No recommendation 

92nd House: Republican: No recommendation

93rd House: Republican: 🐾Mike Jones🐾

105th House: No recommendation

106th House:  Democrat:  Rob Myers and 🐾Jill Linta🐾; Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted outstanding surveys. 

112th House: No recommendation

127th House: Democrat: 🐾Thomas Caltagirone🐾

131st House: Republican: 🐾Justin Simmons🐾

134th House: No recommendation

143rd House:  Democrat: Tim Brennan

150th House:  Republican: No recommendation 

155th House:  Democratic: 🐾Danielle Otten🐾

158th House:  Republican: 🐾Eric Roe🐾

160th House:  Democrat: Cathy Spahr and 🐾Anton Andrew🐾; Dual recommendation – both candidates submitted outstanding surveys.

164th House: No recommendation

165th House: No recommendation

167th House: Democrat: 🐾Kristine Howard🐾

168th House: Democrat: 🐾Kristin Seale🐾

175th House: Democrat: 🐾Michael O’Brien🐾

176th House: Democrat: 🐾Claudette Williams🐾

177th House:  Democrat: 🐾Joe Hohenstein🐾

178 House: SPECIAL ELECTION: 🐾Helen Tai🐾

179th House:  Democrat: 🐾Jason Dawkins🐾

181st House:  No recommendation

183rd House:  No recommendation

184th House:  No recommendation

185th House: Democrat: 🐾Maria Donatucci🐾

188th House: Democrat: 🐾Jim Roebuck🐾

189th House:  Democrat: Christa Caceres

190th House: Democrat: 🐾Vanessa Brown🐾

193rd House:  Republican: John Wardle

194th House: Democrat: 🐾Pam Delisso🐾

197th House:  No recommendation

198th House:  Democrat: 🐾Rosita Youngblood🐾

199th House: No recommendation

200th House: 🐾Christopher M. Rabb🐾


Recommendation: Candidate has either a strong voting record, history of leadership or strong survey and commitment to the humane treatment of animals.

No recommendation : Candidates either did not fill out the survey or are equally rated based on the information we have at this time. Viability is also taken into consideration.

Criteria: Voting record, incumbency, history of leadership, improved record, survey results, viability.  For more details about Humane PA’s methodology  – check:  Announcing Humane PA’s 2018 Endorsements.  

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