Pennsylvania’s Animals Need You to be Their Vote

The current Pennsylvania legislative session opened with great promise. A record number of animal protection, anti-cruelty bills were introduced, many with strong bi-partisan support. Bills with no down-side – other than for those special interests that exploit animals and profit off of cruelty to animals. Yet, despite the advocacy of animal supporters from every corner of the Commonwealth, and the championing of so many legislators in both our state House and Senate, these bills have stagnated: not one animal protection bill has received a vote. When animal protection, anti-cruelty bills stagnate, animals suffer – and that suffering should not and cannot be tolerated, especially when legislative action provides a meaningful solution. The stagnation of the current legislative session is why the 2022 election is so very important for Pennsylvania’s animals.

We – you and me and everyone else who cares so much about animals – have work to do. There are two goals: the Primary Election on May 17th and then the General Election on November 8th. In the Primary, we need to work hard to secure General Election ballot spots for pro-animal candidates, candidates who pledge to support, move and vote for animal protection legislation. And then on November 8th, we need to get them across the finish line.

To ensure that the next legislative session is one where life-saving animal protection bills move through both chambers, receive the votes they deserve and are then signed into law, we encourage the following action plan:

  1. Register to vote! The last day to register to vote in the Primary is May 2, 2022, and the last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot is May 10th. The last day to register to vote in the General Election is October 24th; the last day to request a mail-in or absentee ballot is November 1st. Humane PA’s Voter Resource page has links to voter registration and other voter information.
  2. Share the Humane PA candidate endorsement questionnaire. The questionnaire is essential to Humane PA’s endorsement consideration process as it elicits a candidate’s positions on vital animal protection legislation and issues.
  3. Candidates are out campaigning for your vote – engage them and ask them where they stand on animal protection issues (i.e., will they vote for Victoria’s Law? Will they support legislation to end cruel live pigeon shoots?). As you encounter candidates and their staff, make sure they know that the candidate’s commitment to take action to protect animals is material to securing your vote.
  4. Volunteer for pro-animal, Humane PA endorsed candidates!
  5. Get out and vote in both the Primary and General Election!

By no means are we giving up on the current session; there are several animal protection bills that have the support to pass, if only they were moved and given a vote. We will continue to advocate for these bills – and urge all of you to do the same. There is still time for our legislators to take the life-saving action of passing critical anti-cruelty bills this session. But, we need to ensure that the stagnation of the current legislature is not repeated next session. We do that by laying the groundwork now, by taking the action necessary to elect into office candidates who will be active anti-cruelty, animal protection lawmakers.

Animals can’t vote and can’t participate in Pennsylvania’s political process, but we can! The 2022 election presents the opportunity to create a fertile ground for future animal protection legislation and, together, by participating in the process, by not giving up, we can make it happen.

Help give animals a voice and vote in Pennsylvania.

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