Animal Protection Caucus

Celebrating our animals and working together to give them a legislative voice.

The Animal Protection Caucus is a bipartisan collaboration of House and Senate
members determined to increase the amount and intensity of animal welfare legislation in
Pennsylvania. From adoption laws to animal cruelty, the caucus reviews and supports laws
that protect all animals.

Currently, several pieces of legislation aimed at strengthening the protection of animals in
Pennsylvania are in the works. With a bipartisan effort and help from other stakeholders, the
caucus can attempt to move priority animal welfare bills forward through the legislative

JOIN APC… ask your legislators to join this group to pursue common legislative objectives.
There will be opportunity for more information on APC soon, what they have accomplished
for Pennsylvania’s animals, and their 2021 goals. They want to hear your ideas too!

State Representative Melissa Shusterman (D) Co-Chair
State Representative Todd Stephens (R) Co-Chair
State Representative Frank Farry (R) Co-Chair
State Representative Ryan Bizzarro (D) Co-Chair
State Senator Katie Muth (D) Co-Chair
State Senator Kristen Phillips-Hill (R) Co-Chair

Legislators who are interested in joining the Animal Protection Caucus should email Sarah Speed at to be added as a member of the caucus.


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