How to Help Elect Animal Friendly Candidates

As the countdown to election day continues, animal lovers are looking for ways to help candidates who support animal protection to get elected. The pandemic is having an enormous impact on how candidate campaigns are operating, as well as changing the nature of volunteer opportunities to help elect Humane PA endorsed candidates – candidates who will support better laws for Pennsylvania’s animals.

The Gift of Time

Political campaigns at the state and local level often rely on volunteers to help with critical tasks and outreach. The best way to start, is to contact the campaign office about volunteering and ask what they need help with. You should also become knowledgeable about your candidate, the candidate opposing them and any key issues – especially animal protection ones. While Covid has impacted how candidates are campaigning, there are many things volunteers can do to help:

  • Distribute campaign materials.
  • Making phone calls to voters to educate them on the candidate’s position on animal protection.
  • Texting voters on behalf of the campaign.
  • Helping the campaign with any special projects.

The Gift of Your Relationships

Informing your friends in the community about why you believe in your candidate, offers credible and authentic outreach to key voters. You are not being paid for your opinion and it comes from the heart. This is a unique thing. A few ways to support your candidate within your community include:

  • Connecting your candidate with influential leaders in the community and highlighting the importance of animal protection issues.
  • Wearing a campaign T-shirt or button.
  • Displaying a campaign yard sign.
  • Using social media and talking to your friends and neighbors to get the word out about animal protection and why voters should support your candidate.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your local paper describing why you are supporting your candidate.

The Gift of Money

Donating to Humane PA PAC, Pennsylvania’s Political Voice for animals, enables the animal community to financially support endorsed candidates. While direct contributions to campaigns no doubt assist the candidate, when contributions are given from Humane PA PAC, it is clear that the candidate is being supported because of their position on the humane treatment of animals.

Help Give Animals a Political Voice and Vote in Harrisburg by supporting and donating to Humane PA!

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