Vote count on SB71 amendments a real head scratcher.

Tuesday’s vote count of 124 Yea – 69 Nea, on whether or not to recommit the amendments to SB71 were shocking, considering the number of legislators who have said they would vote to finally end pigeon shoots in PA. Did they not understand what it was they were voting on, or was there confusion on the amendments? Perhaps some of you were confused too.

When SB71 was announced, Rep. Schroder made a motion to recommit the bill back to committee for ‘further study’.  Several other representatives spoke out about the bill and amendments and a vote was taken to recommit – send the bill back – to the House Gaming and Oversight Committee. The Yea’s won. This meant there would be no vote on the bill and it’s amendments on the House floor, to finally ban live pigeon shoots. Now that you understand exactly what transpired and who voted ‘Yea’, please reach out to them and hold them accountable for their actions. If your legislator voted ‘Yea’, then ask them why they sent the bill back to committee when they could have taken a vote to put an end to cruelty to animals.

Walter Brasch gives a unique perspective on this topic. You can read his blog here.

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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