8 things to learn from the Iowa Caucuses

The Republican Caucus in Iowa proved one thing, every vote counts.  8 votes. Yes, Mitt Romney won the caucuses by merely 8 votes. I wonder if any of those 8 thought they would decide the fate of their party’s nominee? Did they think their vote mattered? Did they think it was too cold, too rainy, or just didn’t feel like showing up? Did they think how their vote might affect animals? Our forefathers fought for freedom. Our foremothers fought for a woman’s right to vote. At Humane PA we are fighting to increase the influence of the animal vote. Here are 8 ways you can help “Give Animals a Voice in Harrisburg” :

1.      Register to vote

2.      Vote

3.      Learn more about your local party committee – remember we are non-partisan here   Democratic partyRepublican Party, Independent Party, Green Party.

4.      Become active in your party

5.      Be a voice for animals and ask candidates where they stand on animal issues. Many of them may be supportive already, but have never thought of it as a platform issue or one that voters care about.

6.      Commit your candidate to supportive positions on anti-cruelty bills before they are even elected. It helps the humane lobbyists when it comes time to introduce/vote on anti-cruelty bills.

7.      Watch for our list of Humane PA endorsed candidates on our website and help make sure that both candidates and voters are aware of the list!  Its power as a persuasive tool comes only as it is used to help elect candidates.  If your candidate is not on the list ask them why and what they can do to get on it

8.      Animals can’t vote, so if you care about them and want to help give animals a voice in Harrisburg, vote for and volunteer to help elect Humane PA endorsed candidates!

Watch this blog for further tips on how to get involved in electing humane legislators!

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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