We need you to be their voice…

Become a Humane  PA Coordinator to help us”Give Animals a Voice in Harrisburg.”

You are probably reading this because you care about animals and want to do something effective to fight animal cruelty.

You are probably reading this because there are so many times you have thought “there ought to be a law”

You are probably reading this because you know that in order to get laws passed to protect animals; we need elected officials who are both compassionate and committed to pursuing, sponsoring and advocating for humane, anti-cruelty legislation.

 At Humane PA, we are an all-volunteer non-partisan committee. We are committed to electing or re-electing candidates with either a proven record of compassionate advocacy or who pledge support of anti-cruelty measures and to pursuing laws to end cruelty to animals. We have grown exponentially in 2011, and are determined to continue to increase our efforts and effectiveness in helping animals by participation in and impacting our state political process. We are currently seeking Coordinators to work with Humane PA Directors to assist with some of the following. Please note: Coordinators are not expected to do all of the items, but be part of our team working towards these goals:

  •    Mobilize and enlist friends, family members, neighbors, and  other members of your community to use the power of their vote and influence as constituents to advocate for anti-cruelty laws by any or all of the following actions:

–       Work to elect more animal friendly legislators

–       Assist animal friendly candidates in their campaigns (campaigns always need volunteers and by volunteering we can help to get elected officials who understand the issues that are so important to us and are committed to working to end cruelty to animals)

–       Contact elected officials by telephone, email or by attending town meetings

–       Encourage others to become a voice for helpless animals by getting involved in the political process

–       Help to educate others about how to contact their elected officials effectively

–       Meet with elected officials and/or their staff

–       Education on issues of cruelty and pending humane legislation

–       Represent Humane PA at community events (i.e. animal related festivals, tabling opportunities, etc.)

–       Represent Humane PA on a regional level to provide support and assistance to other like-minded PA residents in your region in increasing their involvement in the political process to promote the anti-cruelty mission

 You may already be involved with your local shelter, rescue organization or other animal welfare advocacy groups. These are wonderful places to start reaching out to humane voters since they already care about animals. As a Humane PA Coordinator, you can help us bridge the gap between this existing base of animal advocates and the electoral/legislative process to help more animals on a statewide level.

Benefits to becoming a Humane PA Coordinator:

–       Work with other like-minded animal advocates

–       Learn the PA political process and how a bill becomes a law

 –      Learn insider tips from professional lobbyists

–       Become a respected leader in your community for advocating for animals

–       Play a vital role in changing the way legislators and voters view animal protection issues

 –      Knowing you’ve made a difference in the lives of animals

If you are interested and have the time, that is all you will need to get started. We will train you.

Please fill out the contact form below if you are interested in becoming a Coordinator and a Regional Director will get in touch with you shortly.

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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