A Primary Prize and the New Voter ID Law

Our outreach efforts have turned our endorsements into a primary prize sought by many more candidates this election cycle, but who are the real winners? The animals. Sometimes people feel helpless that they can’t do more for animals that they see suffering en mass. Just by voting for humane candidates, your vote helps to give those animals not only a voice, but hope that one day we can end their suffering. By electing humane legislators we will get there much faster and be able to help more animals with better laws.

We hope to see all of our endorsed candidates win, but they need your votes to make that happen. A vote for a humane candidate is a vote for the animals.

What about the new Voter ID law? This law goes into effect beginning with the General election in November, not the Primary on April 24th. However, all newly registered voters are required to show ID if they are voting for the first time in the Primary. More information can be found on the VotesPA website.

Don’t know where your polling place is? You can find out where to vote here.

And most importantly – vote Humane PA!

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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