Philly Dawg reports: PA bill aims to make pet store puppy sales more transparent

Amy Worden, Inquirer Staff Writer, writes the Philly Dawg blog for The Philadelphia Inquirer. With her permission we are reposting her blog about a bill soon to be introduced that will make pet store puppy sales more transparent.

petstorebillA York County lawmaker is unveiling  legislation on Thursday that would likely make Pennsylvania among the most  transparent states in the nation when it comes to sales of puppies in pet stores.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Kevin Schreiber, would require pet stores to display information about a puppy’s background and  breeder, along with medical records. Currently there is no such pre-sale requirement and purchasers may only be provided that information after the sale, if at all.

“It’s like Carfax for dogs,” said Schreiber, who is holding a press conference in York on Thursday to announce the  bill.

Schreiber said he is considering adding the breeder’s name to the requirements, something animal welfare advocates say is essential to tracing a dog’s background.

Schreiber, who was elected this spring, said he was moved to draft his first bill on this particular  consumer and  animal protection issue because he said he was duped by a pet store in Maryland  that sold him a sick puppy.

He said only after he bought his Cavalier King Charles Spaniel did he find out that the dog had come from what had been described as a “reputable breeder.” In fact his dog was born in a puppy mill in the midwest with a long history of federal Animal Welfare Act violations.

Schreiber said he hoped to build on the kennel standards set in the 2008  Pennsylvania dog law by requiring more information from breeders around the country who sell dogs to Pennsylvania residents here.

In a co-sponsorship memo sent to members of the House, Schreiber wrote that  his bill is “an effort to provide consumers with valuable information to help  them make better-informed decisions regarding the purchase of a dog, the  legislation that I will be introducing would require pet shops to display  information regarding the dog, including the breed, age, and date of birth of  the dog, the state in which the breeder of the dog is located, breeder licensing  information, and any documentation of inoculations, worming treatments, and other medical treatments.”

Schreiber, a Democrat, said last week that he  already had 18 co-sponsors, among them seven Republicans including Reps. Kathy  Watson, Bernie O’Neill and Gene DiGirolamo of Bucks County.

Studies by the Humane Society of the United  States and the ASPCA have found that  virtually all puppies sold in pet stores come from commercial breeding  facilities, also known as puppy mills.

Please contact your state representative to ask them to “please co-sponsor the Schreiber pet-store labeling bill.”


Amy Worden is a politics and government reporter for the Inquirer. In that capacity she has explored a range of animal issues from dog kennel law improvements and horse slaughter to the comeback of peregrine falcons and pigeon hunts. From hamsters to horses, animals have always been part of her life

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