Humane PA’s Top 10 Political Actions for Animals For Which We Are Thankful

  1. tygivingAnimal advocates in Pennsylvania who are open to and motivated to learn more about getting politically engaged for animals.
  2.  The people on our Facebook page who share every single post (Rose, Charlotte, Cheryl, Laurie, Don Sharon, Kris, Anthony, Doris, Lori, Robin, Lynn, Tami, Linda, Kimberly, Loretta, Don, Karl, Mary, Daily Paws, Elissa, Dogdaddy, Gloria, Maryjo, Tawnya, Andrea, Joseph, Robin, Gail, Susan, Minka, Ellen, Regina, Carol, Raoul, Sheila, Mary, Denise, Karen, William, Janet, Sonja) – and of course all those who we may not know are sharing because of Facebook privacy settings – thank you too!
  3. Our donors who understand the importance of including a political action committee (PAC) for animals in their list of animal giving. We can’t make the strides we are making without you.
  4. The legislators who are leaders against cruelty or are becoming more engaged in fighting cruelty, and who we can count on to vote for the good animal bills and against the bad ones.
  5. The Humane PA volunteer coordinators, who do their best to help others understand the political process and constantly encourage animal lovers in Pennsylvania to get involved in policy and/or election work.
  6. The volunteers who work at the polls, phone bank, canvas, donate or otherwise help humane candidates get elected.
  7. The tireless “ animal” lobbyists who spend countless hours in Harrisburg advocating for the humane treatment of animals.
  8. The volunteers who monitor all the bills affecting animals and then keep the animal community well-informed about what is happening with animal bills and when and what action is needed.
  9. The wonderful friendships that have been formed from people who care about animals coming together to make political change for animals and getting involved in the legislative process.
  10. The animals who motivate us every day to do our best to change Pennsylvania laws to protect them !



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