The Race For Pennsylvania Governor-Four Candidates Take a Stand Against Animal Cruelty

gov4Election season is underway and over half of Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial candidates have issued position statements on animals! With your help, Humane PA has put animals on the radar screen of a whole new group of politicians. The four candidates who have posted position statements on animals so far are: Rob McCord, John Hanger, Tom Wolf and Allyson Schwartz. *

In a race filled with this many candidates, several hundred votes could make a difference in who wins and who loses. The candidates know this and will be much more receptive to questions and eager to win support from strong constituencies, such as the animal vote, so this is a good time to make sure that a candidate understands that the humane treatment of animals is an issue that Pennsylvania voters care about.

How can you help make the animal vote relevant to the gubernatorial candidates who have neglected to post a position statement on animal issues? By inquiring about their positions on humane legislation and how strong their commitment is to oppose animal cruelty. You can also ask for their position on specific pending legislation – the list is on our website under Current Legislation. You can do it through e-mail, Facebook posts, or by calling the campaign office.  Below is a list of present candidates with their Facebook pages hyper-linked and their websites listed. Their websites will have additional contact information.hanger

Here is a sample e-mail or Facebook request: “I am a Pennsylvania voter who cares about animals and I evaluate my choices of whom I will vote for based on their commitment to wolfgovfighting animal cruelty in our state.  Attached is a list of current legislation that I am concerned about.  I would like to know what your position is and I also suggest adding a section to your website about your policies that will affect animals.  Thank you so much.”  Please share with us any response you receive and remember that every commitment we get from a candidate for the primary election is a commitment we have for the November election! Thanks for your help in giving animals a voice in Harrisburg!



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