Everything you Need to Make a Difference for Animals on Primary Election Day

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Primary elections can be the most exciting time of year for people who understand how the system works. Because many people choose to ignore primary elections, resulting in only about 1/3 of the voters taking part, a relatively small number of dedicated individuals can have a tremendous impact!

This is particularly true this year, where all legislative candidates are running in districts that have been reconfigured as a result of reapportionment. Many of these districts were also gerrymandered to make them safe seats for one party or the other. That means whoever is nominated in the primary election is most likely going to be the candidate elected in November. It also means that whoever is elected in November will most likely be able to serve until the district is again redrawn after the census of 2020.

Now is the time for those of us who believe in the compassionate treatment of animals to rally others to go to the polls on May 20th to select the candidates who most closely share and reflect our values. A concentrated effort to do so will multiply the impact we can have to a far greater degree than in the November election.

How do we know among a field of candidates which one may best reflect our values, you may ask? Humane PA has researched the candidates and offers recommendations to you.

Review the Humane PA 2014 Primary Endorsement list and rally your friends who support our views to vote for the Compassionate Candidates on May 20th!

Roy Afflerbach Voter resources: Find your polling place


In addition to being a co- founder and Treasurer of Humane PA PAC, Senator Roy C. Afflerbach, Ret. is founder and President of The Afflerbach Group, LLC.

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