Announcing Humane PA’s 2014 Endorsements

Humane PA is pleased to present Humane PA’s 2014 candidate endorsements  for Pennsylvania state offices in the upcoming election on November 4th.

In a recent statewide poll, 86 percent of Pennsylvania voters  support their legislator’s endorsed 2014efforts to ensure the humane treatment of animals. Our aim is to make sure that Pennsylvania voters who care about the treatment of animals know which candidates will support a humane agenda and deserve their vote at the polls!

How do we chose who to endorse?

Before we endorse candidates, we give them the opportunity to let us know where they stand on animal cruelty so we can measure their responses and commitment to stand strong for the humane treatment of animals against their opponent. Our endorsement process is not taken lightly and we spend a great deal of time reviewing and evaluating an incumbent candidate’s voting record and leadership on animal bills, including their behind the scenes efforts. Priority is always given to an incumbent with a perfect or good record – we stand by our friends, particularly those who are committed leaders in the fight against cruelty. We also ask every candidate – both incumbents and first time office seekers – to complete our endorsement survey as the survey responses are critical in determining which candidates will receive our endorsement. Our survey queries candidates on key pieces of pending animal legislation, both the bills that are easily supported as well as those that may face opposition. We also ask candidates to tell us about themselves, the role of animals in their lives and their feelings about how animals should be treated. If two non-incumbent candidates are equally qualified based on survey results, we conduct follow up calls, as well as consult with constituents in their districts who know them. Responses can be illuminating.  All responses are kept strictly confidential, and allow us to evaluate the level of commitment a candidate has to helping protect Pennsylvania’s animals from cruel treatment. We also take viability of candidates into account before endorsing.

We are fortunate this election in that many races are between strong, humane oriented candidates. In this election cycle, we actually have races where both new candidates answered equally well and we did something we don’t usually do – double endorsed!

We did not endorse in races where candidates did not respond to the survey or where the record and survey weighed fairly equal on the issues. *Please note, as a registered state political action committee, we only issue endorsements of candidates for state offices and make no endorsements for federal offices.

Because the legislative session is not yet over, and there may still be votes on animal bills, further evaluation may take place to add additional candidates to the list (let’s hope we don’t have to un-endorse).  Candidates may also still submit surveys and may be considered at the same time that further votes are evaluated.

Our goal is for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to be a kinder place for animals and for our legislature to pass appropriate laws to protect animals and eliminate cruelty. Thus, we encourage those who care deeply about these issues to consider and be guided by our endorsements, and to support groundfloorcandidates who will support a humane agenda. We also urge candidates who were not endorsed to improve their records next session!  We thank all of the candidates who took the time to complete our survey. Good luck to all of our Humane PA Endorsed Candidates!
2014 Endorsements  

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