Top 10 Blogs of 2014

The Humane PA blog is intended to educate, inspire, train, engage and sometimes entertain Pennsylvanians who care about animals, and our readers sure are a diverse group! Some members appreciate tips on effectively using their time to make a difference for animals, some like good news, some like an in depth look at the growing importance of politicizing animal advocacy, and some like compelling information. Humane PA has been blessed this year with many wonderful guest bloggers. Looking back over 2014, we are sharing the top 10  based on the number of “clicks” on the blog.

  1. Who is Humane PA?
  2. What Animal Shelters can do to Influence Policy
  3. Keith Mohler – an Unsung Hero
  4. One Person Can Make a Difference
  5. Justice Finally Comes to Animal Victims – “Cost of Care” is Law
  6. Facebook Basics for Making a Difference
  7. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait – So Long As They Outwork The Devils While They Wait
  8. Lobbyist…not a four letter word!
  9. Pets Are No More Than Kitchen Chairs
  10. The Race for Pennsylvania Governor – Four Candidates Take a Stand Against Animal Cruelty

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