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Guest blog by Senator Roy Afflerbach, Ret. (Part three of a four part series)

In two previous articles, I wrote about the value of becoming a candidate for local office as a means of gaining an official platform and position from which to advocate for the compassionate treatment of animals. If you have decided to take this step, congratulations!

If, however, you have decided that becoming a candidate yourself is not right for you at this time, it is not too late to have a direct influence upon who will be the candidates for local offices in your municipality. Advocates who have attended one or more of my presentations on behalf of The Humane Society of the United States have heard me expound upon the conceptual strategy of “your friend or someone else’s friend.”

Now is the time for you to implement that strategy!

On February 17th potential candidates began circulating nomination petitions to have their name placed on the Primary election ballot. They have until March 10th to gather a sufficient number of valid signatures from registered voters within their own party and who reside in the municipal jurisdiction in which they are running. If you are one of these qualified voters you can immediately implement the strategy of becoming a candidate’s friend by volunteering to help collect petition signatures!

Every candidate dreads petition circulating and fondly remembers those individuals who help them to do so! Can you think of a more inhospitable time to try to gather signatures than in the midst of this winter? By becoming a petition circulator you become a member of the candidate’s circle of closest supporters. This is true whether the candidate needs ten signatures or several hundred signatures. Every candidate wants to obtain as many valid signatures as possible to demonstrate public strength and to ward away potential challenges to the validity of the petitions.

In short, if you have chosen not to be a candidate yourself, now is the time to contact a candidate of your choice to volunteer your help. Now is the time to have that candidate become “your friend” instead of “someone else’s friend!”

Part three of a four-part series by Senator Roy Afflerbach, Ret.

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Roy Afflerbach

In addition to being a co- founder and Treasurer of Humane PA PAC, Senator Roy C. Afflerbach, Ret. is founder and President of The Afflerbach Group, LLC.

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