8 Reasons Why Animals Need a Political Action Committee in Pennsylvania!

Giving animals a more powerful voice in Harrisburg!

Do animals need their own political action committee? Absolutely! Here are Humane PA’s top 8 reasons why animals need effective representation in politics:

  1. Every voice counts – but there is greater strength in numbers! Legislators care about being elected, and part of being elected is knowing what is important to their constituents.  Humane PA has over 34,000 Pennsylvania voter members; a number that makes the legislature take notice, as we continue to work toward reaching the rest of the hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians who care about animals to engage them too. Every single voice and vote matters, but our collective voices are far more influential!
  2. Shelters, rescues and other animal related non-profits have legal restrictions on electioneering activities.  There are laws, which if passed, could have enormous impact on our shelters and rescues, and candidates, who if elected, would pursue agendas which could help shelters and rescues and animals.  Although non-profits can lobby and spend a certain percentage of their time on advocating for policies, they do  have legal restrictions on electioneering activities. That is where Humane PA PAC comes in. It is our mission to elect legislators who will support anti-cruelty laws and lobby for the passage of such laws – laws which will directly benefit shelters, rescues and animals!
  3. Opponents of humane, anti-cruelty laws are political players and have well-funded PACs. Animals deserve no less. Our opponents know that to get what you want, they have to host events, get to know and contribute to candidates. For instance, this month, those who support and participate in cruel pigeon shoots are hosting a legislative reception in Harrisburg, and you can be sure that they will be lobbying in opposition to the senate bill to end these cruel events.  Our PAC can – and should – grow stronger than those who support animal cruelty.
  4. The animals need good friends in the legislature.  As Humane PA cofounder, Roy Afflerbach, is known to say – if a legislator is not your friend, they are someone else’s! Part of the job of a PAC is to make friends in the legislature; Humane PA volunteers and representatives attend political functions both in Harrisburg and in home districts, getting to know candidates and legislators.  The animals need friends in the legislature who can be counted on to introduce, sponsor and push humane bills – because without them, the bills will go nowhere.
  5. A single law can help 1000s of animals! For example, the anti-tethering/inclement weather bill pending in the legislature will positively impact 1000s of animals. And when live pigeon shoots are finally prohibited, 1000s of birds will be spared from the wanton cruelty characterizing these activities.
  6. The animals are counting on us! The animals – who will benefit from humane laws or who suffer as a result of cruelty – are counting on us to be their voices! Animals can’t vote, volunteer for the campaigns of humane candidates, or offer financial support to a PAC to speak for them, but we can! Animals can’t talk with legislators about the importance and need for various anti-cruelty measures – but we can and we do!
  7. Legislators may not be familiar with cruelty laws and proposed laws. Humane PA works through a  variety of strategies including public education, encouraging public participation, and providing education and special information for legislators.
  8. Humane PA gets humane voters to the polls to vote for endorsed candidates!  Most importantly, as a political action committee for animals – we make sure that animal lovers have the information they need on election day and that most importantly, they vote!

The reasons are many – why a strong voice in politics has been – until recently – the missing, but essential, link in the movement to achieve the humane treatment of animals and protect them from cruelty. So, to all of you who already do so much, we thank you for joining with us at Humane PA PAC to create the strongest imaginable political force for animals! You are helping us elect humane lawmakers and pass better laws to help animals. Thanks for giving animals a strong and powerful voice in Harrisburg!


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