Anatomy of an Animal Voter

voterAnatomy2Thanks so much for taking our survey Getting to Know You” earlier this year! More than 550 people have taken the survey to date. We’ve crunched the numbers, and we’ve got the results for you. The numbers underscore behavior of the animal voter, as 97.50% of our members are registered to vote and more than 83% vote in at least 3 out of 4 elections. Furthermore, almost 95% of our supporters are willing to cross party lines to vote for an animal-friendly candidate. The most important thing that we can do for animals is to become single-issue voters, and put humane legislators in office, so these results are very encouraging to see!

Check out the results below.

Q1. Do you belong to a political party?
Republican 26.17%
Democratic 55.78%
Independent 14.08%
Other 3.97%
Q2. Are you registered to vote?
Yes 97.50%
No 2.50%
Q3. What percentage of elections do you vote in?
0%-24% 4.28%
25%-49% 3.74%
50%-74% 8.20%
75%-99% 32.26%
100% 51.52%
Q4. Are you willing to cross party lines to vote for a humane candidate?
Yes 94.58%
No 5.42%
Q5. Do you donate to political campaigns?
Yes 29.87%
No 70.13%
Q6. Do you volunteer on political campaigns?
Yes 24.01%
No 75.99%

If you missed taking the “Getting to Know You”  survey – it is not too late! We will be republishing the results again before the November elections.  Click here to take the survey!


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