SEVEN More Days Until the PA Primary and SEVEN Ways You Can Help Animals on Primary Day!

vote33.pngThe Pennsylvania primary is on April 26, and we have all been hit with a deluge of advertisements and messages about the presidential candidates. But, at Humane PA, as a state political action committee, we have a slew of reasons to propel you to the polls on primary day – all of which have nothing to do with presidential politics! So, in case you are wavering about whether or not to make the trip and stand in line to cast a vote, here are our top 7 reasons to care about and vote in the PA primary and it’s all about making a difference for animals:

  1. Local candidates are likely to be at the polls on primary day – which means they are your captive audiences. Local candidates want your vote, so when you see them or their volunteers or campaign staff greeting people at the polls, that is your chance to ask them about their commitment to various humane bills. They have to listen and respond– because you are about to cast a vote, either for or against them!
  2. Your vote can truly make a difference on the outcome of an election on a local level, where the pool of voters is limited. Every vote counts: you don’t want to sit home on primary day and then find out the next morning that a humane candidate didn’t make the ballot by just a handful of votes.
  3. Vote for Humane PA endorsed candidates. Does your district have a contested primary? If so, check out the Humane PA primary endorsements and vote for the humane candidate.
  4. Spread the word for animals! Do you ever wonder how your neighbors feel about humane issues – or if they are even aware that animals need a voice in public policy? Running into neighbors at your polling location is a terrific opportunity to talk about pending humane bills and how they can help animals simply by casting a vote for a humane candidate.
  5. Retain or earn supervoter status. We’ve talked about this in past blogs and it is a theme we have stressed over and over again – it is important to vote in every election. That is how you become a supervoter. And, candidates keep track of that data, which means that your voice has weight – the candidate knows that you are a definite voter, and your vote will be cast either for that candidate or his/her opponent.button vote
  6. Advertise for animals. Wear your “I Care About Animals and I Vote” button. Someone is bound to ask you a question about it – and then you can point them the direction of Humane PA. It’s an easy way to grow our ranks!
  7. Learn about the candidates: even if you do not have a contested primary in your district, this is a great opportunity to ask questions of candidates or their campaign staff about where that candidate stands on humane issues. Like what you hear? Consider volunteering to help the candidate prevail in the general election.

So, on April 26, get to the polls. Stop on your way to work, or on your way home or during a break in your day’s activities – but get there. You can help lay the ground work to electing a more humane legislature simply by showing up and casting a vote.


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