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Those of you who follow Humane PA PAC on Facebook or Twitter, or who receive our e-news, are aware of the deep conviction we have for bringing cruel live pigeon shoots to an end in Pennsylvania. Some of us have been lobbying for a bill to unequivocally ban live pigeon shoots for more than two decades. Constituents across the state contact their legislators  year after year. Over 20 years of activism and energy. Over 20 years of frustration. Over 20 years – and hundreds of thousands of birds forced to suffer cruel fates while session after session the bill languishes. The frustration eclipsed last session when the bill to ban live pigeon shoots handily passed the state Senate, only to be denied a vote in the House.

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Pigeons may not be considered cute and cuddly animals by many. They don’t generate the warm and fuzzy feelings as do puppies or kittens. Not only are pigeons generally an animal without a champion, but they sometimes carry an unwarranted societal stigma. There have even been times a scoffing legislator described them as “rats with wings.”  But, the cute and cuddly factor should not be the measure of how an animal is treated. Pigeon shoots are pointless and cruel – and we and our legislators should not tolerate cruelty to any animal. Sometimes, the right thing ought to be done for no other reason than it is the right thing to do. 

There are many important and worthwhile animal protection bills pending this session and we support them all. There is so much work to be done to ensure the humane treatment of animals in Pennsylvania, all animals. But, does that mean we give up on pigeons? Absolutely not. In fact, we venture to say, never. And the reason is simple: tens of thousands of birds have suffered each year and will continue to suffer if these cruel shoots are not explicitly prohibited by law.

There are some legislators who complain that they are sick of hearing about live pigeon shoots and to them we say this – there is a simple remedy fully within the legislature’s control: give the bill a vote. Do the right thing. Until the legislature gives the pigeon shoot bill a vote, and until this bill passes, we can assure the Pennsylvania legislature of this: you will continue to hear from us and your constituents and we will not give up this fight.


For more information on how you can help: End Barbaric Live Pigeon Shoots | Humane PA

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