Let’s Move Victoria’s Law!

SB 44 – Victorias Law –  has strong bipartisan support in the Pennsylvania legislature. While Victoria, the sweet German Shepherd subjected to 10 years of puppy mill breeding and finally rescued by Finding Shelter Animal Rescue and for whom the bill is named, passed away, her presence is felt throughout the halls of our state Capitol: posters bearing her likeness in support of SB 44 are hung in the offices of countless legislators, both Democrat and Republican. After all, compassionate people abhor puppy mills and want action to eradicate this cruel industry, regardless of their political persuasion. Victoria’s Law, which will end the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits from puppy mills in retail outlets, is an important step in the right direction.

SB 44 was introduced by Senator Tom Killion and referred to the Senate Judiciarypostcard2 Committee in February 2019. It currently has 29 cosponsors – 3 more than is necessary to pass the Senate. There have been well-attended rallies across the state as well as press conferences, and high profile endorsements. Yet, the bill sits in the Senate Judiciary Committee without a vote or consideration and the Committee Chairwoman recently stated that there are “no plans to consider this bill at this time.” This is disappointing and perplexing, but most of all, unacceptable. It is, therefore, up to all of us to unequivocally demand that, actually, the time to consider SB 44 is NOW!

We request that every one of us takes the following actions:

1. If your state senator is not a co-sponsor of SB 44, contact his/her office to let them know that passing laws to end puppy mills is important to you and you are asking for support and co-sponsorship of SB 44, and a pledge to be a yes vote if SB 44 comes up for a vote. If your state senator is already a co-sponsor, send him/her an email thanking them for their support and co-sponsorship and ask for their help to get the bill moving.
Many of us have contacted our state senators already – but even if you have, take a moment to do so again. We need to remind them that this bill is important to us, that we are watching, and we want action.

2. Is your state senator a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee?  The bill needs to get out of Committee before it can go any further, so the support and involvement of Judiciary Committee members is particularly important. Certainly, the first action step is applicable to Committee members – but we are asking for an additional action: schedule an appointment to enlist that committee member’s help in moving the bill through Judiciary.

3. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper expressing support for SB 44 and demanding legislative action.

4. Help turn the Capitol into a sea of purple! Many of you have already completed and sent the pre-printed “Help Stop Puppy Mill Cruelty – Support #Victoriaslaw” postcards to your state senators – but we bet you know people – friends, relatives, coworkers, etc – who haven’t! We challenge every person who wants to see an end to puppy mills to ask 5 Pennsylvania residents to complete a postcard and send it to their own state senator. Here is the link for printing the postcard. We are determined to flood Harrisburg with postcards so we will make this as easy as possible: if you private message us on Facebook with your address, we will mail out a batch of up to 10 pre-stamped postcards, and all you will have to do is get them completed and mailed to the appropriate senators.

Together, we can create an increasingly powerful and loud voice, a voice that cannot be ignored, insisting that legislative action be taken to end puppy mills. With our actions, we can insist that that the time to consider SB 44 is NOW. Together, we can get this done – but we all must take action to do so.

In the words of tireless advocate Grace Kelly Herbert, the co-founder and president of Finding Shelter Animal Rescue and who loved, cared for and tended to Victoria upon rescue from a puppy mill until her death 16 months later: “The only thing that can keep Victoria’s Law from passing is your silence.”


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