Giving up? Us…not a chance!

We hope you won’t give up either. We are counting on you to help us put an end to one of the most senseless and cruel practices in Pennsylvania, live pigeon shoots. Join us on Monday January 30th for End Live Pigeon Shoots call-in day when we are asking for you to call your state Representative and state Senator to urge them to “please vote in favor of all legislative efforts to end live pigeon shoots in Pennsylvania.”  Because the legislature considers this one of the most controversial animal bills to ever be voted on in PA, we need to engage as many people as possible, so please share call in day on your page and invite your friends to also participate. This bill will take a village.

It has been more than a month since the House voted to send SB 71 with the pigeon shoot amendment on it back to the House Gaming and Oversight Committee. You can see how your legislator voted here: vote count.    We urged all of you to call and either thank your legislators for their ‘No’ vote and to ask those legislators who voted ‘yes’ to send it back, why they would vote to get rid of the bill. What we have learned is yes, there were some legislators who were confused about the bill and why it was being attached to a bill that had already passed. Some legislators even thought they were saving the bill from being killed entirely. We will give those who were confused the benefit of the doubt, but regardless of their reasons, the first real chance we had in over a decade to end the practice was scuttled. Moving forward, we urge them to finally bring this bill to the floor for a vote.

We have had several victories this week with the House passing the Exotic Animal bill and the Senate moving the Gas Chamber bill to appropriations. We hope to finally see pigeon shoots addressed as well, but we need your calls to do so.

Don’t know what a live pigeon shoot is? Click here to watch: Live Pigeon Shoots If you are as saddened by this senseless display of cruelty as we are – please share with others who may not know this still takes place in Pennsylvania. Thank you.

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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