We may be super, but we’re not a super PAC – yet!

While we may not be a super PAC yet, because of the dedication and engagement of the people who have joined and volunteer, Humane PA is the largest and fastest growing state PAC for animals in the country. Humane PA has grown exponentially since it first began in 2008 and are now 20,000+ members strong!

Part of our mission is helping to elect animal friendly candidates who are committed to passing stronger animal protection laws. There are two things that help influence elections, votes and money. We know the legislators and their records well and we take the time to survey candidates about their views on animal issues and give endorsements based on their responses and their records.  In addition to helping animal friendly candidates we also provide useful candidate profiles and general information about the electoral process to our humane voters.

We ARE the animal vote and over the past few years we have gained clout in Harrisburg and now we need to translate that clout into the kind of influence that will help make it easier to pass anti-cruelty bills and kill bills that are bad for animals.

So how do we increase our influence? We as a community are doing everything right  in increasing our engagement.  We must increase our voice by supporting  the campaigns of candidates who have a proven track record of leading humane legislation, or potential leaders in an attempt to level the playing field for animals. In order for us to help candidates we must take our organization to the next level of influence and yes, by influence we mean dollars.

Our opponents use fear, fear, and money to influence candidate’s votes on their issues.  Although we are on the moral highground, to play in today’s political world we must be able to compete, by also financially supporting our champions.  Any donation amount is appreciated to help give animals a voice in Harrisburg.  All donations go directly to supporting animal friendly candidates either by sending representatives from Humane PA to attend fundraisers for these candidates, where we can meet them in person and to speak with them one on one about animal protection bills we want them to support, co-sponsor, vote for and ultimately pass.

Election season is in now in full-swing. Candidates are busy gathering signatures for petitions to be put on the ballot for the primary in April and then they will be fundraising for their campaigns. You can help them by carrying petitions, voting or volunteering for the candidates’ campaigns…and by making a donation to Humane PA.  We are all volunteers at Humane PA. We have the most amazing, dedicated people who use their passion, involvement and creativity to bring awareness to animal protection issues. Now we need to put our money into action for the animals. Please consider making a donation to Humane PA today to help us elect more humane legislators, to pass more animal protection laws.

Your contribution, no matter how small or big, will make a difference. Donations can be made to Humane PA on our website via PayPal or mailed:

Humane PA
PO Box 352
Red Lion, PA 17356-0352

The animals thank you for your support.

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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