Who, What, When, Where, Why and How to get Political for Animals!


Who is Humane PA?

We are the political action action committee for animals in PA. We are an all volunteer, non-partisan organization of nearly 25,000 supporters dedicated to helping end cruelty to animals by helping to elect humane legislators. Pennsylvanians care about animals and we make sure they have a voice in Harrisburg.

What do we do?

Our volunteers help raise awareness about animal welfare candidates and their bills on our social media sites such as Facebook,  Twitter, blogs and newsletters.  We also attend and hold fundraisers to support our humane candidates to get elected and re-elected, so they will support  bills to better protect animals. We also take the time to meet with other animal advocates and guide them through the process of meeting with their legislators and answer any questions they may have about the political process. No question is too basic and we want to help people who care about animals better understand how to achieve results in the Pennsylvania legislature that will make a difference for animals.

When do we support these candidates and legislators?

Obviously we are most active during election season, but candidates and legislators may also ask for our support at various times of the year when they hold fundraisers. We publish the voting records of legislators on our Humane Scorecard so that constituents can hold their legislators accountable.  We pick strong leaders to support during the election and of course endorse candidates based on their records and answers to our survey.

Where are we?

Humane PA has Directors in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, and Coordinators within each of these areas who help to spread the word about Humane PA in their communities and on our social media sites. You can also find us at various animal related events as many of us are hands-on rescuers, volunteers and supporters of our local shelters and rescues.

Why do we do this?

We must be a political force if we want to make a difference for animals in Pennsylvania.  We are a resource to help engage animal lovers across Pennsylvania to get political for animals to make real, long-term changes in our laws.

How can you help get animal welfare bills passed into law?

By supporting humane lawmakers! Constituents (you) are vital to helping get animal welfare legislation passed and signed into law. By taking the time to meet with your legislators and discuss animal welfare bills, and by contributing or attending one of our events.

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Author:Brett Miller

Animal Welfare Advocate


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