Have Your Legislators Been Naughty or Nice?

naughtyAs we close in on the final month of 2013, Humane PA has published its end of the year 2013/2014 Scorecard, detailing how Pennsylvania legislators voted on bills that affect animals. We hope you will check it out to see how your PA State Senator and Representative voted on animal protection issues this year.

If they did well for animals, please thank them; if they have room for improvement, please let them know you’re paying attention. The scorecard link is a great resource to send to them too, so they can also see how they are doing. There is still time for them to do better before the 2014 elections, when animal advocates certainly will be checking to see how their legislators are doing before they go to the polls. The legislator’s records will also be used in the endorsement process. You can look up your state legislators here and find their e-mail address here, as well as follow them on Facebook.

The anti-animal bills are marked in red on the score-card and include:

It is important to contact your legislators to let them know that you want voice lessthem to support bills that protect animals from abuse and oppose bills that perpetuate animal cruelty. Please sign up to be alerted when action is needed on bills that are moving. Thank you for giving animals a voice in Harrisburg!

For further information:

Complete list of pending legislation affecting animals in Pennsylvania.

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