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helpOur goal at Humane PA is to build the most powerful political bloc imaginable, a voting bloc of Pennsylvania residents from every corner of the state who not only believe in and are committed to the humane treatment of animals, but are actively involved in the political process to make it happen. We want every candidate currently in office and those running for office to be sensitive to animal issues and to sponsor and support humane legislation. We want issues relating to the humane treatment of animals to be issues which are at the forefront of the political agenda – because not only is treating animals humanely and protecting them from cruelty the right thing to do but because those running for public office need to understand that these issues are important to their constituents.  How is the best way to accomplish all of this? We at Humane PA are working to provide you with the resources and tools you need to feel confident, inspired, and effective advocates and citizen lobbyists.
The Humane PA website aims to be a comprehensive and constantly updated resource to arm you with what you need to productively participate in the political process and to make positive change in public policy concerning animals. We want to be there for you – so that all of us can be there for the animals.
Our website is chock full of information and can serve as an easy to navigate one stop resource! Are you new to political advocacy? We have tips on how to take action from a primer on citizen lobbying to how to make the best use of social media to help animals from a public policy perspective. We explain the sometimes circuitous route a bill travels to become law, a process that can be confusing to the novice as well as those already knee deep in advocacy! Our website provides fact sheets on important pending animal related legislation as well as email contact lists for every legislator to make it easy to give input to your elected officials. Wondering about the track record of your legislators? Our website provides a comprehensive scorecard which discloses the voting record on animal bills, as well as bill sponsorship, of each sitting legislator – making it easy to see who are friends of animals, and who are not.
 Interested in helping to grow the strength of the animal vote and increase the numbers of Pennsylvania residents involved in political advocacy? We also provide outlines on tabling and hosting events to help bring Humane PA to the attention of your own community. And there is more – our website also features blogs by coordinators, volunteers and special guests on so many important issues concerning advocacy, public policy and how to help make positive change for animals.
 knowledge 3Humane PA is here for you. We want to make effective advocacy easy, and we want to provide the resources you need. And, we welcome your input – if there is information you would like included in our website, please let us know. As always, thank you all so much for your hard work, energy and commitment to make Pennsylvania a kinder place for animals.

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