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disasterPlease keep your pets safe indoors where it is warm and dry. Check out the PASART Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for Pets and check out the blizzard tips from the ASPCA.

For more info. to keep your pets safe please read:

The Importance of a Disaster Preparedness Plan

Animal Emergency Preparedness guide

Shelter:  For the most up to date information on evacuations and shelter locations in Pennsylvania click here:

American Red Cross

Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency

Pennsylvania Animal Response Teams:

Pennsylvania State Animal Response Team:

Links to all county Animal Response Teams

Butler County Animal Response Team (Facebook page)

Bucks County Animal Response Team (Facebook page)

Delaware County Animal Response Team (Facebook page)

Montgomery County Animal Response Team (Facebook page)

Philadelphia County Animal Response Team (Facebook page)

Westmoreland County Animal Response Team (Facebook page)

Emergency preparedness guides for people and pets: 

Disaster Planning for Pets, Family                 ReadyPA

PetSmart Emergency Preparedness tips       Red Rover


National Weather Service               Weather Underground

Your emergency supply kit should include the following:

• Three-or-more-day supply of food in airtight, waterproof container, and drinking water

• Bowls for food and water

• Current photos and physical description of your pets, including details on markings

• Medications, vaccination records and pet first aid supplies

• Comfort items such as a toy and blanket

• Small garbage bags

• For dogs include: leash, harness and a sturdy carrier large enough to use as a sleeping area

• For cats include: litter and litter box and a sturdy carrier large enough for transport

Pet owners should be aware that many evacuation shelters do not accept pets and they must plan their destination in advance. Hotels and motels may be willing to lift “no pet” restriction in an emergency. Friends and family members living outside the area may be able to provide shelter too. Please check with your local animal shelter or emergency management office to determine if a pet friendly emergency shelter will be set up in your location. Pet owners should remember that having your pet micro-chipped dramatically increases the chanced of reunion if that pet becomes lost.


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